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She was gone and he felt nothing, I could see it in his eyes. Those empty eyes that stared onward, not looking at anything in particular but somehow haunting the room. His mouth was unbent and showed no desire to curve up or down in any expression of humanity. Looking into his face I could see that he was bored, bored and unmoved in a place like that. In this monumental moment how could anyone have the gall to be unmoved? How could anyone be bored? What kind of man could be at such an event and not react in the slightest?
I gazed captivated by his emotionless eyes, obsessively searching for a flicker of pain or sorrow. This became my mission and it distracted me completely from the grave ordeal that went on without us as I was unable to pay attention to anything but those cold and dead eyes. Inside I raged against him, flinging myself against the walls of my being with a fury brought on by one man’s capacity for apathy. I wanted to scream at him, shake him until he heard m
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Flowers of orange thought bloom
In endless field of budding dreams
A drop of glowing love
Runs quickly into spreading streams
Night falls on empty skyline
Dark chills the country air
A simple glow sits all alone
Smoke begins to sent my hair
What will be is rebirth of what was
Something born of the ever-seen
An aging sentinel smolders seductively
Kerosene, kerosene, kerosene
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Mature content
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Me by Shirukinn Me :iconshirukinn:Shirukinn 0 7
Whiskey Woman and The Fool
Whiskey Woman and the Fool
Decaying paradise looms above
What once was will not be
My Whiskey Woman does as she does
As I lose my sanity
Prosthetic thoughts clamber in my mind
She doesn’t bat hypnotic eyes
Subliminal truths warn in kind
Hypodermic touch makes me taste the lies
The fool smiles on as betrayal sits upon him
She feeds him the propaganda kiss
Allied nations sing black requiems
False light touches, his fears dismiss
So he shuts his eyes and ears to they
Who dare speak ill of her
Friends now foes stare in dark dismay
As the fool gives all in to his Whiskey Woman’s allure
~Coyote Brantley~
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Mature content
Eater of the Damned :iconshirukinn:Shirukinn 0 0
Behind The Closet Door
Behind The Closet Door
Night falls and shadows reach,
shapes in the dark breeding nightmares, visions limited only by one's own mind.
Thought it'self is deadly, one stray mental spark can ruin a restful night. Your own imagination is the enemy now as an unseen force sweeps over the room.
Hidden claws slash at the windows as a flash of light teases you with a hint of vision, threatening to reveal the horrors that surround you. The floorboards creak and the very room shakes at the aproaching terror.
You clench your teeth, teetering haphazardly on the razor edge of madness.
The closet door swings silently open to welcome in a dark visitor. A shape darker than the blackest night pours forth to engulf the small room.
You desperatly feel for your lamp, your blind fingers fumbling dumbly over the cold metal surface as the darkness rears up to swallow you whole.
But light be praised! You find the chain just in time!
You yank the pull-chain hard, too hard it seems, for the lamp falls off the en
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Mature content
Im your dog :iconshirukinn:Shirukinn 0 0
Mature content
Psyco Submissive :iconshirukinn:Shirukinn 1 2
Skin his humps
To be what I was not born to be
to see what I was not born to see
Become the next one over
god dowse my head in clover
Feel the others thunder
Strike my life asunder
So I take what I cant have to hold
Be whose life is shining gold
Turn to blessing what was curse
Far better than the worse
Snip and cut what I want from you
Sew and wear it, I'm born anew
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Seeds Of Sorrow
Seeds of Sorrow
Swimming in a sea of sorrow
An ocean of my own mistakes
Cut my life into a filmstrip
See what happens between takes
What you hate most is in side you
most the time what I hate is me
What you fear is what you kill
and what i fear is me
Sew shut my eyes so I cant see
the things i've done to make you hate me
Kill me slowly, cut my heart out
Stab me in my crying eyes and be...
What you've always wanted to be...
You alwas Reap what you sow
and the last of my seeds I havent planted yet
You gave me pain and suffering and hell
but what you give you always get
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Golden moon
She ran until she could run nomore, feeling that the beast could be escaped if only
she ran fast and far enough.  She closed her eyes trying to blot out the burning in her legs as she ran on.
She could hear it now, the beast she feared so much.  Tears of pain slid down her cheeks as she forced
her self to continue running.  But she knew she ran in vain, the beast wanted her, and it would not be denied.
Her legs trembled and gave, she crashed into the mud.  She looked up in terror, the beast had caught her!
She was jerked roughly to her knees, her body bent over in pain.  She let out a feral scream more anchient than the
fear she felt, and just as primal.  Her spine shattered in multiple places, her hands dug away at the raw earth, as
the shivers of rage swept over her broken body.  Her entire skeleton burst, each bone breaking painfuly.  Her jaw
was compleatly
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Boogey Man
When hellish shadows glide through the night
Filling your heart with unholy fright
When all you fear is all you see
The only one to blame is me
When all you hear fills you with dread
And you feel the movement under your bed
Shaking like a frightened lamb
You know just who I am
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my background by Shirukinn my background :iconshirukinn:Shirukinn 0 5


I am going to try and save up enough money to buy myself a new desktop computer / laptop! 

THESE ARE THE OLD COMMISSION INFO! Sorry for the confusion, but these are no longer available. Sorry for not replying >.<
Please read my ART POLICY AND COMMISSION RULES BEFORE sending in a commission request!

By commissioning me, you agree that you have read my art policy and commission rules and you understand that misuse of your finished commission may have consequences. 
For my NYP commissions, click here:
Please note that the auxiliary slot is ONLY for commissions that I owe that came with an adoptable (e.g an
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Specimin.58 by vraven Specimin.58 :iconvraven:vraven 58 33 Little Red Oni Slayer by Gorrem Little Red Oni Slayer :icongorrem:Gorrem 1,867 180 Oni: The Spirit Keeper by The-Angel-of-Angels Oni: The Spirit Keeper :iconthe-angel-of-angels:The-Angel-of-Angels 157 21 Oni by ricardomendes Oni :iconricardomendes:ricardomendes 330 38 Will you be my snuggle bunny? by Minichi-01 Will you be my snuggle bunny? :iconminichi-01:Minichi-01 709 81
J’aime de vos grands yeux les couleurs immortelles,
De vos bras toujours tendres l’étreinte angélique,
Et noierai à jamais mes ennuis faméliques
Dans le divin linceul de vos ailes de miel.
Vous êtes le soleil chatoyant de mon ciel
Glacé ; laissez vos longues mèches élastiques
Balayer les feuilles de mon esprit drastique.
Volez sur ces alizés, douces hirondelles,
Apportez la tiédeur de vos brillants étés
En mon automne ; allumez dans mon cœur blessé
L’éternelle flamme de votre affection.
Mère, amante ou sœur, vous qui sans cesse donnez,
Recevez cette délicate passion,
Chandelle dont vous nourrissez la combustion…
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So I'm writing a novel, I suppose that's a novel thing to do... I guess if I'm writing again for the first time in years, I should spend a bit more time here on Deviantart. I really do miss the whole "Social Media scene just for Artists" shit, but at the same time, I've never been particularly good at devoting time to any sort of social activity, even if it is digital and I am at my desk all day. But hell, I'm 22 years old now, maybe its time for a few more changes. I'm writing a book, working out, maintaining a vaguely stable relationship... I also drink a lot more than I used to, but I guess not all changes are for the best. That said, Mr. Johnnie Walker seems to bring out the Tortured Artist in me, so maybe Drunken Novelist is a face I should put on more often. I'm rambling again aren't I? I'll stop for the sake of brevity then, I'll upload bits and pieces of my book maybe, try to get some crowd feedback or something, some sort of response from people who aren't obligated to lie to me.
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Hello person I'm not entirely sure I know...
Xyyme Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha you don't know me, but we look disturbingly alike according to a few friends of mine, of course, this is only based on your profile picture.
Shirukinn Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, the designation of "Clone" would depend entirely on which one of us was the elder, would it not? That said, I have no image of you to compare myself to, and this leaves me distraught as the distribution of information in our strange little relationship is unpleasantly one-sided.
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I have no idea what to say to that. Thanks I guess.
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I went by where you used to live and found out you don't live there anymore lol
I was trying to get my harry potter book back now that I can drive ^_^
Shirukinn Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
Yeah, we moved. Your book is most likely in storage with the rest of the books. I'll go get it out as soon as I get a chance and try to get it to you. Sorry I didn't get this message until now, I've had some shit going on in my life. Not sure what I'm supposed to do from here but you know, that's life. Anyway, get up with me and I'll get the book to you as soon as I find it. Sorry for the inconvenience.
LunaMaiJuliet Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
it's okay, I just kind of wanted to see how you were doing as well
where do you live now? I still might visit you, sometimes I have time in the day that I just want to waste lol
Shirukinn Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2009  Hobbyist Writer
I'm living across the street from where I lived previously. You have my number do you not?
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